Do we kill time, or does time ultimately kill us? 

-Anthony Liccione

❝ You do not need me, as much as I need you, but that is how it has always been, and that is how it always will be. ❞

- (via unhealthyfeelings)

❝ I’m afraid we’ll always be
a book with the end pages ripped out. ❞

- (via xoxoxonicky)

❝ But theres a fine fine line between love, and a waste of your time. ❞

- There’s a fine fine line- avenue Q (via sex-love-romance-bands)

❝ One always has a better book in one’s mind than one can manage to get onto paper. ❞

- Michael Cunningham (via feellng)


"Take care of the land…someday you’ll be part of it"

- sign on our hike in Chantery Flats

❝ Write your story on my heart. Let me be your work of art. ❞

- Francesca Battistelli